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Luxury Hair Salon Chain Celebrates 35 Years Leading The Frankfurt International Style Scene.

Headlines Haircutting International Founder and Celebrity hair stylist jubilant as she takes her brand into its fourth decade with freshly renovated salons and Thursday Late Night Wine & Hair in their Frankfurt, Germany area locations.

Dateline - Frankfurt , September 19, 2013 - Headlines Haircutting International today announced the beginning of a month-long anniversary celebration and the introduction of Thursday Late Night Wine & Hair at its popular Frankfurt and Oberursel, Germany hair salons. Mary Ann Zukran, hair expert and previously a location shot hair stylist for magazines like Harpers Bazaar, has in former years styled celebrities such as Goldie Hawn, Diana Ross and Henry Kissinger. Mary Ann was part of the initial launch of the globally renowned Vidal Sassoon Salon in Frankfurt before opening her own successful salons in Frankfurt and Oberursel, Germany.

Headinlines Haircutting International is Frankfurt´s premier hair salon where local luminaries, financiers and executives in the banking town of 700,000 and home to the European Central Bank, go to maintain their well-heeled looks. Headlines Haircutting offers the most advanced product lines, now including AVEDA exclusively at their Oberursel haven.

"It`s always exciting and its always new, working in this dynamic financial center that is Frankfurt." said owner Mary Ann Zukran. "It`s sad when the expats leave and move on to their next assignments, but then its great when the new guard arrives - for us theres always a chapter beginning. I feel the way about our beautifully renovated salons - what a fresh start into our fourth decade!"

Over the years, Zukran an her team have styled the top crop of Hessen banking , Finance and legal executives, as well as celebrities like German television presenter and radio personality Dieter Voss.

"I couldn't be more thrilled to see Headlines' success, with Mary Ann´s talent and passion it surely was to be expected," said Voss in an interview. "Most impressive is Mary Ann's long standing team, many of who have been with Mary Ann for two of her three decades in Frankfurt."

About Headlines Haircutting International

Founded in 1983, Headlines Haircutting International is Frankfurt, Germany and surrounding areas premier English-speaking Specialist Hair Salon. Clients are treated to the unique combination of skilled hair stylists with international training accompanied by linguistic skills in English,Spanish and Italian.
As an international banking capital Frankfurt draws expatriates from around the globe to its environs, many of whom find the latest styles brought back from international hair shows, or even just respite from a bad hair day, at Headlines Haircutting.


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