As an experienced hairdresser in Frankfurt and Oberursel, we offer you an
all-round hair service with our experienced Hairstylists. It is not without reason that Headlines Haircutting are spoken of as the growing English-speaking Hair Salons in Frankfurt and Oberursel. 

We take pride in sharing our years of experience and knowledge with you and aim high to give you the look and feel you desire. We offer a wide range of services including elegant and fashionable haircuts, balayage, hair styling and hair colouring. We attach great importance to a personal and pleasant atmosphere in our hairdressing salons. Every visit to Headlines Haircutting becomes a personalised and unique experience. Our experienced hairstylists will give you some useful tips based upon your specific needs, to make you look and feel your best. We look forward to your visit at our salons.










In our salons we offer you professional hair contouring thanks to the art of the balayage technique.

At Headlines Haircutting we have perfected the trendy dyeing process originated from France. The word balayage literally means “sweeping” and when working in a hairdressing salon, it means dyeing the hair with artistic strokes like using a painter's brush. In this way, our stylists conjure strands into your hair that are highlighted, yet blend harmoniously into the overall picture. The balayage technique emphasises individual strands, creating a particularly natural outcome. In contrast to conventional highlighting, this trendy technique uses a brush to apply the dye to the hair freehanded. Individual strands are emphasised differently.  The way our stylists design it perfectly creates a particularly natural and harmonious look that draws attention to your hair. Due to the technology, the balayage always creates a distinctive and unique look. The expressive contouring is suitable for women of all ages.

Frequently asked Questions

How long does a balayage at Headlines Haircutting take?

A balayage at Headlines haircutting takes about three quarters of an hour up to an hour and a half, depending on the amount and length of hair. The result varies individually.

Will balayage cover up my grey hair?

There is no rule in balayage. It can also be used on grey hair. However, since it is not a complete colouring, grey hair is not completely covered.

Is balayage harmful to my hair?

A professional balayage, as is done at Headlines Haircutting, the application of paint is limited to individual strands, which doesn't  involve completely saturating of your hair in bleach or colour dye. Thus enjoying healthier hair as a result.



Whether modern or classic - at Headlines Haircutting we dye your hair individually according to your wishes, not only with passion and enthusiasm, but also with skill and expertise. We use high-quality products from selected manufacturers. 

Our experienced hairstylists pay particular attention to careful and precise application of the desired colour. At Headlines Haircutting you receive a well rounded service focusing on all your hair needs. Hair Colour in permanent as a tint or semi-permanent as a toner. Also try the fashionable balayage, the new highlight technique. Eyebrow Tint & Tidy and Eyelash Tinting: Headlines Haircutting leaves no wish unfulfilled. 

Dyeing your hair at Headlines Haircutting gives you a natural and expressive look. It rejuvenates and emphasises your personality. Our experienced hair stylists know that prior to each hair colouring, specialist advice forms the basis: on the one hand to find out your wishes and needs, and on the other hand to determine a method, colour and technique together. Washing, blow-drying and styling complete the final result.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I dye my hair for best results?

Renewing your colour depends on your individual desired look. On average we recommend having your colour done every four to six weeks, depending on your desired look. However, individual advice is essential. Talk to our stylists to get the perfect result for you.

What products do you work with when dyeing hair?

We work with hair dyeing exclusively with the high-quality products from AVEDA and Davines. They are of high quality and at the same time are gentle on your hair.

Can I have my hair coloured during pregnancy at Headlines Haircutting?

Pregnant women are often unsettled when it comes to dyeing hair. Does the colour harm the unborn child? Due to the colours we use dyeing is safe even during pregnancy. However it is advised not to colour your hair in the first Trimester of your pregnancy. We would be happy to advise you in detail.

Highlights, Lowlights , Perms


At Headlines we pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest colouring techniques by regularly going on seminars. Learning the latest techniques and trends help us achieve the best outcome for your hair. Whether balayage, Ombre, highlights and lowlights no wish is unfulfilled. Through these techniques the sections of the hair are coloured lighter or darker leaving the rest of your natural hair colour intact. This gives dimensions, depth and texture to your hair no matter if your hair is curly, frizzy or straight. At Headlines Haircutting we use Aveda and Davines colours so your hair is always left shiny and in excellent condition.

Hair Colour: Permanent (tint) or Semi-permanent (toner)


The MASK range from Davines is a Vegan colour formula which leaves your hair looking healthy, silky and full bodied. A creamy formula rich in conditioning agents and milk proteins which have a compacting and hydrating action on your hair cuticles. MASK contains an extract from Palm fruit leaving the hair surface extremely polished which increases light reflection giving it a longer lasting shine. MASK range has intense and bright colours perfect for all your colouring needs. Glossing, highlights or the perfect colour for up to 100% coverage of white hair. MASK can lift up to 6 shades lighter without the use of bleach.

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